Closing Notice

All Retail Phone Card Sales Ended on December 30, 2019.

If you have a PIN that stopped working on December 15, 2020 read Q6 below.

ZapTel, your trusted source for phone cards, is closing its doors after 20 years of service. This is our notice that sales of phone card PINs and recharges ended at noon CST on December 30, 2019.

Your phone card(s) will continue to work after this date if you have a balance and you have not reached the expiration terms specified for your card on

Important Points at a Glance

Questions & Answers about ZapTel Closing & Ending Phone Card Sales

Q1: Why is ZapTel stopping sales?

A: After 20 years of providing the best possible phone cards we could find to our wonderful customers, we’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue retail phone card sales. We can’t maintain our level of service with the smaller demand for phone cards now.

Q2: Is ZapTel going out of business or in financial trouble?

A: No. ZapTel is financially sound. It is just time to make this change. Our carriers plan to continue their businesses at least until mid 2020 and have not announced any other changes. They are the ones providing your continued service.

Q3: What if I want a refund?

A: Your phone card is still operating according to the terms specified on our website for the product you purchased. We are not offering refunds.

Q4: Starting in January, if I have trouble with my phone card, who do I contact?

Same as now. Use the same customer service contacts by email or phone that you have been using in the past with ZapTel. Technical support numbers for the carriers are not changing.

Q5: Starting in January, will I still have access to my dashboard pin balances, call detail records, or speed dial customization settings?

A: As a service, this access was maintained until June 2020.

Q6: Will my PIN stop working on December 30, 2019?

A: No. All existing PINs, new PIN purchases, or recharges to existing PINs will operate according to the terms on that phone card as stated on our website until you use up the remaining balance or the balance expires per the terms listed.

As of December 15, 2019 we know that one of our carriers, TCS, has given us and you a one year notice that it is shutting down service on December 15, 2020. Use any remaining balances by that day if you have a Flying Colors!, International Student’s Choice, Extreme Talk Time USA, Call the World, Destination Cell, Au Pair’s Choice, Precision World, Senior Friendly or Wireless World. Your access number for these cards would be one of these: 800-462-9904, 800-497-9680, 800-416-5596, 800-251-3624 or 800-697-5114. (Update: 800-462-9904 was blocked as of October 2020 due to fraud attempts.)

Q6: What should I do when my current favorite PIN balance runs low or runs out?

A: With all our years in the business, we’ve gotten to know some other providers and we recommend

If I can no longer buy from ZapTel, whom can I trust to sell me quality phone cards?

We have a recommended phone card retailer for you to switch to. We know ZapTel will be a hard act to follow! SpeedyPin has a secure site, good rates, some of the same underlying carriers ZapTel does, and they are based here in the USA.

If you use the links on this page, they will know you are coming from ZapTel and will take extra good care of you.

We want to make sure that you have a reliable place to make your next phone card purchase and recommend that you move your calling to SpeedyPin in the coming months after your ZapTel phone cards run out of minutes or expire. We have a good relationship with the folks there. We want you to be happy with SpeedyPin, so on the off chance you encounter any issues you don’t feel are quickly resolved, let us know and we’ll “go to bat” for you.

If you go somewhere else to purchase your phone cards, we cannot help you.

Visit SpeedyPin’s website through the links on this page to review their phone cards for your calling destination. 

Corporate Phone Card Customers

If you are a ZapTel corporate customer and purchase directly from ZapTel in bulk, please contact Jeannette at for next steps for you.

The ZapTel team of Dan, Laura, Ron, Melissa, Jeannette, Penny, Bruce, and our carrier partners thank you for trusting us with your calling all these years. We truly hate to say goodbye. It has been our pleasure to serve you.

Thank you for your business, 


Ron Reimann
President & CEO

SpeedyPin Recommended Substitutions for Popular ZapTel Phone Cards

ZapTel Phone Card
SpeedyPin Substitute
Card Names

When your Minute by Minute phone card runs out of minutes, we recommend the Clear & Clean International phone card from SpeedyPin.

When your Phone Bank phone card runs out of minutes, we recommend the Libra phone card from SpeedyPin.

When your Flying Colors phone card runs out of minutes, we recommend the Clear Talk phone card from SpeedyPin.

When your True North phone card runs out of minutes, we recommend the Globetrotter phone card from SpeedyPin.

When your Study Abroad Student’s Choice phone card runs out of minutes, we recommend the Globetrotter phone card from SpeedyPin.